Legacy League

Leave a lasting legacy of impact on the lives of local foster youth!

The Yavapai CASA for Kids Legacy League honors individuals who are dedicated to ensuring youth in and who are aging out of foster care have their needs met and everything they need for success,  for generations to come, by providing future support to the Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation through planned giving.

What is Planned or Legacy Giving

Legacy/planned giving is the process in which a donor or potential donor creates a financial or estate plan where they formally decide to give something of value to an organization at a future date.

Oftentimes, gifts are planned through a will so that the organization receives the donation at the time of the donor’s passing. However, planned gifts can be made while a donor is still living, and they may receive tax incentives for it. Examples of these types of gifts include annuities and retirement funds.

How To Join the League

Gifts to the Yavapai CASA for Kids Legacy Society are acts of dedication that ensure local foster youth, and those aging out of foster care, have the tools they need for success. With your grace and generosity, Yavapai CASA for Kids will be equipped to serve the youth within the community for generations to come! Your gift will ensure the future sustainability of the foundation so no child misses out

 To Join:

  • Inform the Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation of your intent to join.
  • Make arrangements with your financial advisor, estate attorney, or other entity to make Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation a beneficiary of a legacy gift
  • Fill out and return a Declaration of Intent form
  • Via check or online, make a Good Fath Donation of $1,000 or more.
  • Upon receiving the aforementioned items, a Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation Board Member will contact you to welcome you to the Legacy Society
  • Know the impact you have made and enjoy the perks!

Membership Benefits

  • . The knowledge that local foster youth will be cared for, for generations to come.
  • Legacy Wall recognition at the Yavapai CASA for Kids Headquarters.
  • Legacy jacket and pin.
  • Special event invites.
  • A community of kind-hearted people
  • And so much more!

    Types of Planned/Legacy Gifts

    • Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance, & Annuities: Bequests and Beneficiary Designations under Revocable wills, trusts, life insurance policies, and commercial/charitable lead trust/charitable remainder trust annuities are accepted. Donors are encouraged to name Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation as the beneficiary.
    • Marketable Securities: Marketable securities are defined as any unrestricted financial instrument that can be bought or sold on a public stock exchange or a public bond exchange. These can be transferred to Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation electronically or delivered physically with the transferor’s endorsement or signed stock power attached.
    • Tangible Personal Property & Real Estate: Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation’s Finance Committee will review all tangible assets, including real estate, prior to acceptance. The following conditions will determine acceptance: 
        • Does the property further the organization’s mission? 
        • Is the property marketable?
        • Are there any unacceptable restrictions imposed on the property? 
        • Are there any carrying costs for the property for which the organization may be responsible? 
        • Is the title/provenance of the property clear?

    * Talk with your CPA or Estate Attorney for more information about legacy/planned gifts.

    Member Spotlight

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