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Board of Directors applicants are reviewed through an interview process that may include interviewing references.

Role of Board Members

Members of the board are called upon to volunteer their time and expertise for organizational activities and are expected to actively participate fundraising.  

Expectations and guidelines for Board Members are as follows:

  • Act ethically and professionally in the representation of the foundation.
  • Participate in a standing committee, or remain available to be assigned to a committee or task as needed.
  • Board members who serve as committee chairs are expected to report on their activities to the board through written or oral reports.
  • Board members are expected to make financial donations to YC4KF. It helps when applying to grants that the grantor sees the board believes in its foundation and supports in a financial manner.
  • Expect to receive requests to volunteer with other activities.

I have completed this application accurately and to the best of my knowledge and accept the obligations of board members as stated above.

I am aware that I will sign a letter of commitment should I be approved to join the board.