Volunteering at YC4KF

Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation was founded by volunteers and runs mostly, with the help of volunteers. Without the help of our volunteers (both general and on the Board), we couldn’t support foster children in the capacity we do.

The YC4KF volunteer program is an evolving one. Volunteers are emailed volunteer opportunities to sign up for. YC4KF volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks based on availability and skills. Most of the current opportunities do not directly work with children but directly impact them.

Volunteers receive everything they need to flourish and are honored quarterly (volunteer highlight) and annually (volunteer of the year) at an appreciation luncheon. We strive to build a community where volunteers feel connected, empowered, and supported.

Volunteer Roles

General Volunteer: A general volunteer helps when they can and where they can.

General & Special Events Volunteer: A general & Special events volunteer will perform a wide variety of duties during (including planning) YC4KF sanctioned and/or supported events. These events include the Annual Gala, 5k Fun Run, Clothing Card stuffing, Christmas Drive, and other nonprofit events we support.

YC4KF Ambassador: A YC4KF Ambassador is a volunteer who will perform a wide variety of duties related to promotion, engagement, and spreading awareness of the Foundation (including public speaking). Ambassadors must have a working knowledge of YC4KF and all its programs. They along with YC4KF Board members and employees are the face of the Foundation for the public.

Fundraising Volunteer: A fundraising volunteer will be responsible for a variety of duties related to raising funds for the Foundation’s programs and events. Fundraising volunteers will work closely with each other and the Development Director.

Creative Team Volunteer: Volunteers on the Creative Team are responsible for a variety of skill-based tasks assigned to them based on their interests or skillset. Members of the creative team will work closely with the YC4KF staff. Members will also aid the YC4KF Ambassadors and Fundraising Volunteers with the creation of promotional material and will attend events to capture video and photography.

Volunteers helping tabling events

General events volunteers helping at the PV Valley of Lights

Volunteers always have a great time helping at the annual Toy Drive

Volunteer Spotlight

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