Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CASA?

A CASA is a Court Appointed Special Advocate. CASAs gather information and make recommendations to the juvenile court judge in the best interest of the foster child for whom they advocate. CASA is also a national association whose goals are to support and promote court-appointed advocates for abused and neglected children in order to provide them with a healthy and safe environment. Arizona CASAs are volunteers.

Is YC4KF a part of the CASA program?

Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation is not a part of the CASA program.

YC4KF is a 501c3 non-profit program that supports CASAs and current/former foster youth through the Yavapai County Superior Court. We are called a CASA Support Organization by the state court and by the National CASA Organization.

Does YC4KF work directly with the kids?

No. Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation works through the CASA, foster parents, and/or DCS workers to provide financial support and a meeting space for children in foster care.

Does a foster child have to live in Yavapai County to receive support?

For our Keys to Success and Grants for Kids programs, the youth must reside in Western Yavapai County. For our Family Visitation Center, it doesn’t matter where the child is placed or where their dependency case comes from. For our other programs, it doesn’t matter where the child is placed as long as they are a dependent (foster) child through the Juvenile Division of Superior Court in Prescott.

Who can apply for grants for kids?

Anyone can apply for a grant on behalf of foster youth, including the foster youth. All applications must include the dependency date and the DCS case manager’s name and email address.

Who is eligible for YC4KF programs?

Any current or former foster youth. In some cases, the youth’s dependency case must originate in the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Division of Superior Court in Prescott.

How do I get the supplemental or emergency clothing cards?

A foster parent cannot receive these clothing cards directly through YC4KF. The Foundation gives these clothing gift cards to the Department of Child Safety to distribute to every child in care. Contact your DCS caseworker for more information.

What is YC4KF's tax code?

The tax code for Yavapai CASA for Kids Foundation is 10006.