Keeping it Local: Maximizing Your Arizona Tax Credit Impact in Yavapai County

Keeping it Local: Maximizing Your Arizona Tax Credit Impact in Yavapai County

As we gear up for tax season, it’s not just about crunching numbers and filling out forms; it’s an opportunity to make a real impact in our communities through the Arizona Tax Credit.  However, with the growing number of solicitations from large non-profits based in the Phoenix metropolitan area pouring into Yavapai County, it’s crucial to know which qualifying nonprofits are in our areas. We have the power to keep our AZ tax dollars local for the 2023 tax season and beyond! This post will give you tons of valuable information and a list of the 2023 AZ Tax Credit qualifying organizations in Yavapai County.

photo reads make a difference in your own community. keep your tax dollares local.

The Arizona Tax Credit Advantage: A Dollar-for-Dollar Impact

Arizona’s Tax Credit program allows taxpayers to redirect a portion or all of their state tax liability to Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCOs) and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations (QFCOs). The beauty of this program lies in its simplicity – for every dollar you contribute, you receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit. It’s a win-win that can make a significant difference in our community.

Increased Impact for 2023: Your Dollars at Work

For 2023 tax returns, the Tax Credit amounts have increased, providing individuals with the opportunity to contribute up to $421 (single, married filing separate, or head of household) or $841 (married filing joint) for QCOs, and $526 (single, married filing separate, or head of household) or $1,051 (married filing joint) for QFCOs.

Large Cities Taking Tax Dollars from Smaller Communities

Over the past few years, Yavapai County has seen an influx of postal solicitations from large nonprofits based in Phoenix asking for support from the local community. While their causes are undoubtedly important, the truth is that the majority or all of the funds  raised will go to aid populations in the Phoenix and the surronding areas. Overtime, this trend has the potential to divert millions from our area’s most vulnerable populations. We must ask ourselves, is it better to have our tax dollars go to work in the communities we reside or have it go somewhere else? There is no right or wrong answer. For those who would prefer to keep it local, Yavapai CASA for Kids

Cutting Through the Confusion: Yavapai County-Only QFCOs and QCOs

To help you navigate through the myriad of options, we’ve compiled a list of Yavapai County-only QFCOs and QCOs. This resource aims to provide clarity and ensure that your generous contributions make the difference in the community YOU desire.

Click here for the 2023 Yavapai County QFCO & QCO List

Your Action Matters: Making Informed Decisions

As you plan your philanthropic contributions this tax season, take a moment to consider the local impact of your choice. For more information or assistance in making informed decisions this tax seasons, reach out to your local tax preparer or CPA. Let’s make this tax season not just about numbers, but about building a stronger, more vibrant Yavapai County.